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Hey everyone!

I know I don’t have many of you following me yet, and sorry I haven’t been on here in awhile. I have been just taking a break about blogging about makeup and not sure I want to do the vlogging on YouTube anymore, but I do love makeup and do want to be posting more. I just need to make the time and think of more things to talk about…which there are so many!

I’m thinking of posting about contour/highlight  for those who are interested in a blog about that…with some recommended products listed as well!

I hope all is well with everyone:)

Erica Rose


Haul:Sephora, Target, JcPenny

Hey Everyone!

Ugh…I fee like I look horrible today…everything was going wrong, I woke up late, started my day late, was having one of those days where I kept messing up my makeup…anyways, enough about how I feel and more about how excited I am about my spur of the moment purchases this week!

I am a very good shopper…and even if I should be saving…sometimes its just fun to spend…as long as I am being wise about it…which I always am!

TARGET-First off I got a deep conditioner protein pack from Target. Its called Palmers Coconut Deep Conditioning Protein Pack, and I got it for $1.22. I think these packs are for only a 1 time use, but I try to split them in half, so that I can use them twice!

As the package states, its for restoring and replenishing dry, damaged hair, and if you are a girl like me who likes to dye your own hair (or even get it dyed at the salon) then purchasing something like this to use after youve dyed your hair…is a must! It helps so much. I, however, have not tried this particular brand….so I will have to get back to you guys on how it works. I know that coconut milk is very very good for your hair! Also, if you are someone who dyes your hair often, its a good idea to just buy a full deep conditioning product (or hair mask) that you can use once a week on your hair. It will help restore and replenish. Keeping your hair healthy, soft and smooth! And much easier to work with as well:)

JCPENNY- I went to JcPenny, because I wanted to check out our new Sephora that had just opened up! But first, before I could even reach Sephora, I saw that they had makeup bags on sale for $3! Originally $10, which is still quite a good deal. Steal!! I needed a new one, so I was excited…its the little things…

Is the print cute? Very French I think. I looooove it!

So, then I came acrossed a couple of incredibly cute purses that I just couldn’t pass up! I put them on my JCP card…they were still incredibly cheap though…I could have just paid upfront, but I am trying to save money right now, so I don’t want to spend anything I really shouldnt…makeup is more of a must then purses in my opinion! I fell so deeply in love with these neon purses. 1 in Neon Red (thats what I am calling it…its very bright…looks sorta of orangish red, but I think its Neon Red?) and the second one is  a Neon Green, and we all know how popular Neon is right now, dont we? 🙂 These were the only two left of each color! And like I said…I truly fell deeply in love with these and I loved both colors so much I just had to buy both! It was like…when you find the perfect pair of shoes…you know their the right ones and you just have to have them:) Lol.

SEPHORA- I was/am so so sooooooooo EXCITED about Sephora! I live in a smaller area, so we didn’t have one very close and we FINALLY got one that opened…and I am just so happy about that.  I got these 4 lipsticks from the Sephora line and they are the Rouge Creams. They have a bit of sparkle to them and they are very sheer! They aren’t very bold and bright…they are very subtle and as the name suggests…very very VERY creamy! If you tend to get chapped lips like me, I suggest using a lip balm first before applying…otherwise they will just sink into the cracks and look horrid! Its also a very good idea to apply a lip balm before applying any lipstick. It will help your lips from drying out.

One red, One Nude, One Pink, One Pinkish Nude…none of them have names…they just have numbers. Also, these were on sale for $5! Another great buy of the day! The original price is  $12, so yeah, they were pretty much a steal!

This is my look of the day…I felt like my makeup was just all over the place today…I tried a new powder and I thought it was a translucent powder and it was too dark, so I tried to buff it out and apply mineral setting powder to help fix it…iono..hopefully it looks alright Lol. Its definitely not perfect today…oh well! I also straightened my hair:)



A Guide To Making Your Blue Eyes Stand Out

Hey Everyone!

For those of you who read my blog, and for those of you whom may have just stumbled across it…welcome! I hope all is well with you:) Today I am going to be blogging about eyeshadow colors to use  for making Blue Eyes Pop! I have blue eyes and I love messing around with colors…there is just so much you can do to compliment blue eyes. I have a video posted below where I talk about what colors, then I have a tutorial…a rather rough tutorial…considering its my first…but a tutorial none the less and I hope you all enjoy! I am pretty brave with colors and am not afraid to use them…so if you are a very neutral person…this may not be for you!  Anyways…lets get started!

Golds-I recently decided I love gold colors and that I think they just look outstanding with blue eyes! I think it may be my favorite color to use. Give it a try…it doesnt come off too bold because it doesn’t seem bright to me…I don’t know…I think it looks classy on the lid.

Yellow-When picking eyeshadow colors, when you want to make your eyes stand out..think opposites…put yellow next to blue and wow! It will just blow your mind how much it makes the blue pop!

Orange-I am a big fan of burnt orange colors…they look so fantastic and sort of smoky…you cant go wrong…its a little bolder, but I like it.

Browns/Coppers-These are very safe colors. When you think of how to make your blue eyes appear more blue without doing anything drastic…go for a brown or copper…you cant go wrong!

Purple/Mauves- I think lighter shades especially (not too light…more medium) are so pretty on the lid. Try this out…its nothing bold and bright…can be a little dark depending on shade…but its just beautiful.

Red- Ok so OMW! Red looks INCREDIBLY AMAZING with blue eyes! Be bold please, just BE BOLD! Red against blue just looks wonderful.

Blue- You’ve heard it before and your going to hear it again…wear blue and your blue eyes will stand out!

This photo wasn’t edited to perfection, I tend to get busy and if it involves my own face I don’t worry about it as much as I would a client. I hope it looks fine otherwise! Besides my purplish looking eyebrows and the fine lined wrinkles I can see (wrinkles at my age?!)…ugh. Lol. There will always be something.

Eyeshadow colors-

Gold Leaf (Madison Street Beauty)

California Sun (Madison Street Beauty)

December (Bare Minerals)

Mascara-Super Lash Blast RIMMEL

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Have a great week everyone!


Willow Tree Minerals/ Sample Haul/ Review

Hey Everyone!

So as you can probably tell, I have gotten quite into buying off of Etsy.com. I have been incredibly impressed!! I am one of those people that really enjoys something homemade and natural…especially when it has to do with what I put inside my body, on my face or in my hair. Natural is key and Etsy is a great place for that I find. But I am a person on a budget, so I find it very amazing and wonderful that many many many Etsy shops offer samples! Also, with my growing collection of mineral eyeshadows (thanks to 60% off sales from Madison Street Beauty) Its great to just be able to buy samples, because for someone like me, who doesn’t use the same color every single day, or even every single week…samples go such a long long way! Unless of course, you are someone with clients, that need full jars of each color, then you will probably want to purchase a full product, but even so, buying the sample sizes are so nice for just testing each shade out and finding those favorite eyeshadows, or the right shade of foundation, that perfect blush and bronzer…samples are just really perfect for that!

At Willow Tree Minerals you can get 12 Samples for $6.00! What a great deal. I found that the sample foundation was (when used carefully) enough for 2-4 uses. Blush, since applied lightly (especially for fair skinned people like me and even medium complexions) it could last you an incredibly amount of time. Anyways, here is my review/ sample haul (I would say) with a few pictures. Enjoy!


These are the Satin Foundations. Whenever I read “Satin” I KNEW I just had to try it and see how soft it was. And I will be completely honest with you guys…these are SOFT foundations…I adore these!! I ordered three different shades because I wasn’t sure which one suited me best from this particular company. Since I know light, fair, medium shade and warm and cool tones varies from company to company, I just purchased 3 warmed toned foundations with slightely different shades…a light, a fair and I believe one is a medium, but they all seem rather light. I did find a shade that suited me best and that was Butter Pecan. For around $18 you will get a 30gram jar of product. What a deal!


I ordered one blush. The Pomegranate Frost blush and its just a beautiful color. A great alternative to many pressed blushes I have seen in this color.


If I have time tomorrow. I will brighten these images and repost them. I apologize for the lighting. This bronze is just a very light Sunkissed Glaze Bronzer. To me, it seems to have a hint of pink it in. I could be wrong. Great color. Its suppose to be an eyeshadow as well, so it is a bit shimmery.



Haha. I just realized I got 13 samples instead of 12. I suppose I named off too many and they decided to just give me one extra! Oh well. Score! So here are the 8 sample shadows and i just love love love them all! They are so beautiful. Very great colors for casual everyday wear. They would work wonderfully for dressing up as well. They seem very chic’ to me and not too over the top and out there, but still fun colors to use and play around with. I will be purchasing more shadows from them again. I just adore them all!



Click below to watch my video!

Thank you all for reading and watching the video! I appreciate it and I hope it was helpful to anyone looking for a good place to buy makeup! Two thumbs up to Willow Tree Minerals!


EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database


Now I just want to take a moment to talk about this. Cosmetic Safety. Alright, so this year I have been all about natural makeup as well as natural hair care, skin care…I am just really interested in it and have found places that sell it at good prices and places that I feel safe ordering from, knowing that the product I purchase is for sure %100 vegan and SAFE! Cosmetics, hair products, beauty products are all fun and I DO enjoy them ALL, but and this is a big BUT…I do like choosing products that I know are either benefiting my skin, my health or are for sure not harming me an any way.  However, I am only human and do purchase products from cosmetic brands, hair care brands, skin care brands that do include harmful ingredients just because it may be a product I enjoy, and well everybody else is using it, so why not right?

SO, recently, it has really been eating my brain up, wondering how bad some of these makeup products are, that I am using (ELF for instance, being my most recent makeup purchase) and have especially curious about how they compare to other make up brands (MAC, NARS, Bare Minerals, Revlon, Mayballine, Covergirl, ect, ect,) as far as safety goes…SOOOOO…I found this website called EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database where you can search for products you use today and find out their safety factor, w hich is very very helpful and conveniant and takes a stressful load off (for me anyways, though I do mainly use mineral makeup so I am not too worried about anything!) But also, not only can you search the products, but you can search the ingredients and you can search the actual safety level of each company, which I find to be AWESOME! And you may be surprised at the results to get.

For example most ELF products I saw ranged from a 1-5 (10 being the highest and worst score) and for company compair example, ELF rated 0-7 (10 being highest) and NARS, which we all know to be a very high end brand with lots of incredibly amazing, top of the line products rated a 2-9! Wow! That means ELf, which is the cheaper product is rating out to be a safer cosmetic product, when you would think NARS products that cost at least triple the price would have better, safer products? Strange huh.

You might ask: Why is that? Well, its because ingredients that are used in the higher end products are ingredients that may cause the product to last longer and apply smoother, as well as many other reasons I am sure. Which are ingredients that are going to be more harmful to you. I still have much more research I can do to go more into detail, but that can be for another time. I’m not saying every product is going to harm you, this is just was the the brands overall ratings are and like I said, if you go to this website you can research your product and find out its rating and how safe it is to use as well as the rating of the brand name. I hope this is all making sense!

So yeah it just goes to show that you never really know and that its good to look into it and heres the address link so you can check it out www.ewg.org/skindeep

Anyways, I hope this was helpful and I hope you get a lot of use out of the website! I like to explore natural products as well as other products as well, so I do hope to review a good amount of both to help both those who enjoy purchasing from named brand drugstore high end cosmetics/skin care/ hair care products  and as well as personally owne shops that specialize in homemade natural cosmetics/ skin care/ hair care products.

Have a great day!


E.L.F. Haul and Review

Hey Everyone!

So I finally got around to doing my ELF Haul and Review of all the items I had picked up or ordered within the last month. I am going to write up a review for those who would rather read it and then I have two videos. 1st is MakeUp 2nd Brushes! Enjoy!

ELF Studio 100 Palette-

So I ordered this online with most of my other ELF products, and I had a coupon for 50% off so I got this for $5!! I really love the colors in this palette. It comes with a wide range of nuetrals, bolds, brights, shimmer shadows, matte shadows. It gives you lots of options. I swatched 10 different colors in my video. They don’t seem to apply that bad at all…you can definitely make them work! I am a photographer and I plan on using this on models. I am exicited!

ELF Studio Golden Bronzer-

Okay so this is one of my apsalute FAVORITE products that I have purchased from ELF. Totally am in love with it…I think I am partly in love with the product itself and partly the packaging really! They totally copied NARS and I love that. It makes it look so expensive (only $3 though) It comes with four colors, 2 bronzing colors, 1 highlighter and 1 sort of blushy bronze. I use my blush/contour brush and swipe it over all four to use as my bronzer. I apsalutley adore it. Not going ot lie!

ELF Flawless Finish Foundation, Mineral Infused Primer and Body Glow-

Okay so first off, if you watch my video, you will notice that I didn’t talk about the Body Glow and this is because YouTube only allows me 15.00 minutes per video (apparently, I don’t understand why??) So I had to cut that product out, plus one or two others, but I want to talk abou it on here!  So to review it, I will have to say that I do like it! It appears to be very glittery, but it goes on rather subtle and well how much you apply is all up to you, but I think its nice applied lightly to the cheeks, or all over the face. You can apply it anywhere on your skin…I think it would be pretty on the shoulders!

The liquid foundation is fantastic! And only $6. A little goes a long way too. One or two pumps (probably just one) and thats all you really need. The bottle says that its Oil Free as well…which is nice:)  The packaging is also great. I don’t understand how they can make something look so nice for so cheap?!  One of these days I’m going to look into each and every ingredient…probably will scare myself and not want ot ever use it again! Haha.

The primer (so I am new to using primer? Lol. No one ever informed me about it before) is nice and I have heard rants and raves abou it, so of course I had to get it! Its kind of oily though…so i don’t know if that is a good thing or not…hopefully it doesn’t clog pores (probably does, not good! ) Its taken me time to get used to it, but it honestly is the first face primer I have ever used in my life, so I have nothing else to compare it to.

ELF Essential Eyeshadow Quad, Tinted Moisturizer and Lipstick (in Fearless)-

The Eyeshadow quad is great!  Especially for the price. All of these products are only $1.  I have not been using pressed shadows myself lately. I usually use mineral eyeshadows, but I thought I would test this out, especially for the price.

The Lipstick in Fearless is such a beautiful bright red! And I LOVE red lipsticks! BUT, this lipstick does seem rather cheap to me (my two favorite lipsticks ever are from BareMinerals) and one of the ingredients include Mineral Oil, which I have been reading up on and it is super bad for the skin and I dont feel comfortable applying it to my lips very often. Maybe here and there is fine, but not everyday, so I will not be purchasing these lipsticks just to save money…I enjoy a good lipstick and I feel this isn’t one of them.

Speaking of Mineral Oil, the Tinted Moisturizer from the Essentials line, does NOT have Mineral Oil, which I was quite surprised by this, considering lots of lotions and moisturizers especially include that ingredient. I am please with the fact that this product does not! Also, I haven’t had any issues with this product and feel it works fine.

ELF Blushes in Candid Coral and Gotta Glow-

These are my 2nd or third favorite Elf makeup product! I LOVE these (not to bring it  up again, but the only thing I dislike is that the ingredients include Mineral Oil…ugh, but I don’t use only these blushes everyday and only apply little amounts) I was especially excited about Gotta Glow, because I saw a picture of someone with just a Glow Blush (not sure what brand) and it looked stunning, so I was excited to try! Next, I am going to get Giddy Gold…looks brilliant.

Elf Essential Line Bronzers-

These are only $1!! So again, I am new with bronzers, because I am very very fair skinned and have never thought to used them with fear of not using them right and doing it all wrong or something. I also thought bronzers were just for people who wanted to look tan, but not true! So I first purcased the Luminace, but it was way too light for me, then I purchased Sunkissed and it was a lot better, probably nearly close to perfect for my skin. As far as how good these work…I haven’t had any problems…I think they are fine and a good value!

ELF Studio and Essentila Line BRUSHES-

So I am IN LOVE with Elf brushes! The studio line especially. The essential line brushes are a bit scratchy, but the studio line (only $2 more) are soooooo soft! The ones I would recommend most are the Powder Brush, the Blush Brush and the Eyshadow C Brush. Those brushes are amazing. The Essential brushes are only $1 and the Studio line brushes are only $3 (pay the extra $2…you wont regret it) I also haven’t had any issues with shedding either.

Here are my videos! Enjoy!

Have a great rest of the week!


Preparing for ELF Review and Coupon Alert.

Hey Guys and Girls!

So as I said a few weeks ago, I wanted to do a E.L.F. product review and haul for you! Its going to be actually more of a review, because I having been taking my time testing out these products, picking up a few here and there, catching some online sales, (speaking of, I have a couple of coupons to share with you as well) growing a small collection seeing how well these products actually work. Specifically from the Studio line. So I will be putting up a written review and a video review very soon…hopefully by the end of this week!

Also, I want to do a  little giveaway for you guys, for the ones who subscribe to my VLOG on Youtube.

Here is the address to my channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkHnwop6AsYEzI4L2f0Gq9g/videos if you want to subscribe now and be informed immediately when the review and giveaway is posted.

I am very new, so please be forgiving for anything I may be doing wrong or if I seem nervous Lol. I am still getting use to filming and talking to a camera Lol.

Here is the E.l.F. coupons I was mentioning. They will be expiring soon I am sure, so take advantage of them!

Thanks for reading!

Have a great week!


Organix Shampoo/Conditioner: Awapuhi Ginger

Hey Everyone!

So I needed some new shampoo and conditioner and everytime I need new shampoo and conditoner, unless I am broke, I go for Organix! Or unless I am rich (which I am NEVER) I go for something more expensive, but usually not, so I like buying this brand! I have been all about hair repair these days, because of my repetitive hair dying (I am not too bad…I usually only dye my hair every 3 months, but this last dye took a toll because I went from brown to BLONDE! Yeah, so major damage) So I went out and bought the Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger, which I normally buy the Coconut because it just works so well and smells sooooo good, but this brand never fails and they all smell just wonderful:) Including this amazing Awapuhi Ginger…I love it! And using this, along with some other natural hair repaire products I have been using, I can tell my hair is healing and getting so soft and it doesn’t look really damaged or dry anymore. I am finding I don’t have to use as much conditioner anymore as well. Which is ironic to me, because I usually have to put a ton into my hair!

Anyways, if you’re having the same issues I’ve had with my hair if you’re looking for a good shampoo and conditioner for a good price (around $6 or $7 a piece) Then I hope this post helped you decide on a good option!

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Thank you so much for reading and watching!


Noirliliana Skincare/Hair Care Product Review

Hey everyone!

I’m here to talk about skin and hair care! Recently I came acrossed a shop on Etsy called Noirliliana Skincare and I found a leave in conditioner that I ordered and LOVED! So here is my review, please watch the video below also and like and subscribe:) Thank you!


So I am going to start off talking about the Leave in Treatment…1st off I ordered the Vanilla Cake scent and it smells wonderful! Secondly, I ordered the 4oz jar and I literally only have to use a nickle size to work through my damp hair…if I use anymore then that it will make my hair oily an greasy. This product works wonders! It seriously is out of this world amazing stuff! Its also multipurpose and can be used as a hand and body lotion. Which I definitely take advantage of…it smells so gooooood:)

Butter Up Body Balm-On the website it says that this product is so natural, you could literally EAT it, but they don’t reccomend it! Of course lol, it probably wouldn’t taste very good. It can be used for lips, face, hands, body and hair. It feels so soft and smooth on my skin…I love this product!

Color Lip and Cheek Tints-These I would say are compairable to the Burts Bees lip tints, and are definitely just as good…if not better:) They are also used for your cheeks, which I think is really cool!

Hair Serum- This product is for adding all the good oils in your hair and taking away any unwanted frizz. Perfect for right after straigtening your hair I would say:) I haven’t used this product much yet, but I cant wait to use it more!

Vanilla Cake Shampoo Bar-This bar smells so amazing! I bought this as a gift, so I haven’t used it, but I want to order one just for myself sometime soon…this is also multipurpose…not just used as a shampoo, but body wash and hand wash:)

Please excuse my video editing…I am still trying to get it down! I need to learn how to edit more smoothly when trying to transition different clips into the video:)

One product I forgot to mention in the video and forgot to add in the picture, was the deep conditioner I ordered from Noirliliana Skincare (this was because I keep it in the shower and forgot to bring it out) so I used the deep conditioner, then added the leave in conditioner and my hair felt soooo soft! This product is also multipurpose and can be used as a leave in and a body lotion:)

All of these products are so natural and organic…I am so  very impressed with this shop! This is honestly my honest opinion. I will be purchasing from this shop for a very long time. I have been won over!